Monday, December 3, 2012

Mighty Malaya is Kissing Cancer Goodbye!


Here's Malaya! Malaya is almost a year old, and in August of this year she was diagnosed with a very aggressive and cancerous brain tumor. Malaya was only 7 months old at the time of her diagnosis. Malaya did have surgery done in an attempt to remove the tumor, but only about 10% of the tumor was removable. The specific type of cancer that Malaya was diagnosed with is called Atypical Teratoid Rhaboid Tumor or ATRT. This particular type of cancer is extremely rare and occurs in about 3 in a million children every year. This particular type of tumor effects the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). The survival rate of children with this particular type of cancer is 10%, and most typically, children under the age of three are diagnosed with ATRT. You can read more about ATRT here:

Since her diagnosis in August, Malaya has been through so much. She has had two shunt surgeries, and two central line replacements. Central lines have been used to give Malaya the chemotherapy drug to help kill this tumor. At the end of October, Malaya had scans done and found that her tumor was shrinking!!!! Doctors didn't see a need to do surgery as the chemo is working!!! This little fighter is definitely winning her battle. Cancer has nothing on her! Through all of the battles Malaya has been fighting she still smiles. I chose the picture above from her Facebook Page : because her mommy said that they had just spent 2 hours trying to get her TPN line back in and she was crying the whole time. She spent 2 hours crying and still managed to flash a beautiful smile  through all of it! What an amazing little girl!. Malaya also has another Facebook Page her mommy updates on her appointments and general updates on how Malaya is doing. Please take a moment and check it out. 

I'm very thankful to Misty, who is a friend of Malaya's family, for contacting Malaya's Mommy and letting her know about Precious and Priceless Kids. I'm grateful for having the opportunity to be able to share Malaya's story with all of our blog readers. I'm most excited to continue to read up on how Malaya is kicking cancer's behind and ultimately deemed in remission! 

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